Automatic Pallet Wrapper EASY-IN PRE-STRETCH


Automatic Pallet Wrapper EASY-IN PRE-STRETCH


  • PRE-STRETCH functionality will stretch the film, so you will save up to 300% on film
  • M-type turnplatepallet can be placed on with hand pallet truck
  • Takes less space – the ramp is NOT needed
  • Capacity: 1500 kg
  • Max pallet height: 2000 mm
  • Diameter of turntable: Φ 1500 mm
  • Pallet wrapper height: 2400mm
  • Soft start/stop
  • Home position – always starts on the same spot
  • PLC control panel
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy operation
  • With a Sensor that tests pallet height
  • Description


Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN PRE-STRETCH

Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN PRE-STRETCH is an M-type pallet stretch wrapping machine suitable for pallet truck application. The special M-type shape eliminates the need for manipulation and loading of the wrapper with a forklift. Further, it saves space since you can drive the pallet on a hand pallet truck and you don’t need a ramp. The diameter of the turntable of Automatic Pallet Wrapper EASY-IN PRE-STRETCH is 1500mm and its max wrapping height is 2000mm. The pallet wrapper is stable and the speed of the turntable can be adjustable up to 10 r/min. It has a Soft start/stop function, and a Home position function that returns the wrapper to the initial position automatically. The pallet wrapper is equipped with PLC control and a sensor to test pallet height. The aperture in the turntable makes it easy to load a pallet with a hand pallet truck. This pallet wrapping machine adopts PLC control and its electric subassembly is world-famous products such as Japan “OMRON”, Korea “LG”, French “TE” electrics. Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN has a practical design and harmonious actions and it is high reliability and convenience. It can advance production efficiency and prevent the goods from damaging during transportation. And it is dustproof, damp proof and keeps clean. This pallet stretch wrapper machine is with a wide range of applications, applied to chemical fiber, baccy, pharmacy, publish, refrigeration and ceramics fields, etc. This machine is not suitable for pallets that contain a cross-bar.

The wrapping program can be easily set up with a convenient and reliable interface. Because it has a Type M turntable, the EASY-IN PRE-STRETCH pallet wrapper is suitable for companies using hand pallet trucks, as you can easily drive the pallet into it without having to lift it. You can set different wrapping methods to meet your needs.


Features of Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN

  • Pre-stretch function, tighten the package while saving more packing material
  • M-shape design, give convenience to operators when loading and unloading
  • Adjustable tension control, available to use different packing material
  • Soft start/stop
  • Home position – Initial position automatic return after wrapping
  • PLC control panel built in the mast
  • Display for setting, one button to start  wrapping process
  • Reliable performance
  • Speed of turntable and film carriage is controlled by inverters, prevent potential risks for engines and extend the work life of the machine
  • Reserved forklift notch, easy for relocation with a manual pallet truck
  • Easy operation
  • Automatic height sensoring, detecting top of goofs without any manual assistance


Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN specifications

Machine technical dataAutomatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN
Power Voltage1 P  AC 220/110V  50/60 Hz
Speed of turntable0~10r/min
Dia.of turntableΦ 1500mm
Mast heightH2400mm
MaterialLLDPE film, width<=500mm,out diameter<=280mm
Capacity1500 kg;
Max wrapping height2000mm
Lubricant materialCommon lubricating grease
Weight of the machine750Kg
Approximate weight with packing850Kg
Dimensions of the machineL2800×W1580×H(2000-3000) mm
Installed power1.25 KW
Electrical protectionIP54
Surroundings humidity≤98%,


Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN Operation steps

The operation can be mainly divided into the following phases:

  1. The pallet together with its tray needs to be put onto the turnplate;
  2. The operator should take the film and put it around the surface of the object;
  3. The operator should start the machine, the machine will automatically run and wrap the object.

Automatic cycle

The high and low revs and up & down settings can be first selected based on the height of the pallet on the PLC control.  Actuate the automatic cycle by means of the relevant selector and the machine is ready for receiving the objects to be wrapped. Check to make sure the objects have been correctly stacked on the tray. Make sure the weight and height of the objects don’t exceed what the machine allows.

The cycle operations are the following:

  • put the objects/pallet onto the turnplate, actuate the turnplate by the photoelectric switch;
  • clockwise rotation of the turnplate starts. At the end of the first rotation, the film carriage rises until the sensor reads the end of the pallet;
  • the high revs already set are actuated, then the film carriage descends;
  • once in the lower position, the rotation is slower, followed by deceleration and stopping in position;
  • the wrapped pack is taken away and the wrapping machine is ready to receive the next pallet.


Where is Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN used?

  • in industries where a lot of film is used – with PRE-STRETCH you save 300% on film
  • who wants to save space – the ramp is NOT needed
  • only using euro-type pallets (800 x 1200 mm)
  • having pallets up to 1500kg
  • who needs a reliable, stable pallet wrapper


Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN video

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